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What Guerilla Treasurer?

We specialize in helping corporations that want to execute their cash forecasting or FX hedging improvement projects with efficiency in terms of time and money.
Our experience comes from over 20 years of working on these processes with tens of organizations.
We work under a money back guarantee. Therefore, we only offer our services to organizations we know we can help.

Order Free B2T Manual

B2T Manual Business-to-Treasury Manual

Gives you guidelines and tips for improving cash forecasting and other critical treasury processes in your company.

Our services

  • Pre-study:After one calendar week of mapping your current processes, we will present you with an action plan, ROI target and offer for our advisory services in executing the plan.
  • Development advisory: Support for your project team in executing the action plan. The duration and price, as well as ROI target shall be defined in the Pre study.